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Who we are

Stone Age is a specialist supplier of stone products for architectural and interior use, ranging from flooring to one-off bespoke elements. We have built up a network of trusted suppliers which allows us to be confident of the quality of the stone that we supply and also that we know where to go to get something a little bit special. We always look for the best quality and reliability – the attributes that our customers most value. While we always relish the challenge of one-off projects, we are delighted to have long-standing repeat relationships with some of our customers, and are happy to supply references.

What we do

We supply the high-quality stone products that our customers want, ensuring that the stone supplied has been sourced, cut and treated appropriately. We supply advice on installation and maintenance, and work hard to ensure that our customers are happy at the time of completion and for years to come. It is good to be involved from the earliest stages of a project, so that we can advise on your plans and specifications to achieve the very best results for you. If you give us a designer’s sketch or an architect’s drawing, we will be delighted to produce any bespoke item. Our design team will use our in-house CAD system to create and generate detailed plans and drawings of your project, to ensure that it is achievable, suitable and of the highest quality. Our highly skilled masons will then produce your bespoke piece to the very highest standards.

How we do it

We are obsessed with quality, and use only the finest quality procedures, materials and equipment. Our entire approach is geared to ensuring that we eliminate any pitfalls along the way. Working relationships are, we believe, as important to getting the result that you want as our technical skills, and we pride ourselves on our helpful, informative and positive approach. We keep up to date with new products and new techniques, so that we can offer you the best-prepared and most beautiful stone, and the very best means of ensuring that it stays that way. Our attention to detail means that your final product will be expertly made, beautifully finished and superbly fitted.

Pre-drying & pre-treatment

We are the only company in this country that can pre-dry and treat all our tiling and bespoke masonry items before installation. Our in-house facility is large enough to handle large scale projects as well as small tiles and slabs. This process addresses many of the problems encountered with stone walls and floors that are caused by fitting the stone when it is still wet. Although the surface may appear dry, there may still be moisture retained within the structure. Only a purpose built pre-drying system can ensure that the stone is dry throughout before it is treated. We continually test new products for protecting stone to ensure that we use the best and most appropriate for the application in question.

Book of Stone

The book of Stone introduces a selection of projects that have been completed using natural stone sourced and installed by Stone Age. It shows how beautifully stone works in a range of environments and gives an idea of the variety of stone available.