A natural stone flooring choice for any property, contemporary or traditional. With a palette of beautiful muted colours and tones, limestone offers a timeless elegance. From pale whites to darker high-impact colours, we can help you find the perfect stone flooring for your home.

Antiqued Limestone

For properties that demand an aged or antiqued finish, our range of antiqued flooring is created to give that “just right” quality and appearance. Hand finishing techniques have been perfected to create the effect of stone flooring distressed, worn and “lived in”. See our full range of Antiqued Stones here


This beautiful natural material with a honed or polished finish adds a touch of luxury to any home.


The new generation of porcelains offer a high-quality, low-maintenance flooring choice. There is a wide arrange of colours and sizes available. Traditionally used in bathrooms, porcelains are becoming increasingly popular in living areas and outside.

Other Stones

We can also offer granite, sandstone or basalt floors. Do come and visit or talk to one of our team and see just how a we can find the perfect stone flooring for your home.

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