What's New at Stone Age

What's New at Stone Age

Lapitec takes its base from the mineral found in natural stone and is developed using advanced scientific treatment methods.  This ensures its surface has a very high resistance to heat, stains and scratches.  The end result is an ageless surface that can sustain a pristine appearance from the day of fitting to decades beyond.

Gary Walters, Stone Age MD says "As Lapitec has natural stone at its core, I knew this was a product that the Stone Age team would relish working with.  The application possibilities for commercial and domestic use are extensive.  With the new technology available in our workshop, our skilled craftsmen will be able to work with the material creating beautiful bespoke pieces for all sorts of projects."

Lapitec comes in a range of finishes and colours.  Its composition is 100% mineral with no resin or hydrocarbon based binder.  Its chemistry and mineral make-up is similar to granite whilst its tight structure is more like a porcelain.

Resistant to UV light, acids and alkalis, Lapitecs density makes it extremely resistant to scratching and everyday wear and tear.  Every piece Stone Age sells is pre-treated with Lapitec Bio-Care as standard, providing bacterial resistance and easy cleaning.

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