Kitchen Floors Q&A

Kitchen Floors Q&A

Which are your top three kitchen floor tile choices and why?

For those after a lighter colour our limestones work well, particularly Sofia as it is very hard-wearing.  If bugets allow, Basalt is also a strong contender as it's a dense volcanic stone that is more resilient to staining and spillages.  There is also significant demand for honed marbles like Carrara and Statuary as some of our clients are after more veining and natural features.

Which is the best finish or treatment for kitchen flooring to minimise staining from spillages, children and pets?

For natural stones like marble, sandstones and limestones we always recommend a honed finish.  Honed materials are less likely to show watermarks and etching caused by acidic burns.  The beauty of honed materials is that they can easily be re-honed in situ after a period of time.  We try to recommend that stones are not re-surfaced as this is stripping back the natural oxidisation of the stone which is the process of the stone becoming harder on the surface.

Stone Age now offers Lapitec, this is a man-made sintered stone with a greater resistance to heat, scratching and staining.

What differentiates Stone Age from other suppliers?

Our experience, connections, service, qualityand a great reputation with our suppliers over the last 30 years both globally and locally.

Stone Age offers a turnkey service and decades of experience.  From the unrivalled knowledge of our sales team, all of whom are happy to assist customers with stone selection, colour matching and pricing advice, to our ability to hand-pick the best stone from our partner quarries across the globe.

Add to this the skilled craftsmanship of our draftsmen, stone masons and installers.  Choosing Stone Age tiles for a flooring project delivers a high end finish that will add value to a property for many years to come.  Our natural stone is treated to minimise staining and our installers can offer key advice on the best adhesives, finishing and cleaning treatments to suit, helping to extend the life and quality of the finished floor.

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