Bespoke Bathroom in Honey Onyx

Managing Director Gary Walters headed out to the Cararra region of Italy to source and approve the perfect block of honey onyx, for use on wall and floor areas. Using a linear cut the Stone Age team have maximized the impact of the natural veining, while maintaining an even colour across the room. Like a luxurious jigsaw the 20mm slabs have been cut and profiled to fit the space perfectly.

Honey onyx, desired for its clarity, offers a natural warmth that works particularly well in a bathroom and wet room spaces.

A second piece of onyx was also sourced to match the first. From this piece our highly skilled team will create a solid hand carved basin and arches to fit the space. Stone Age is working closely with the client and her design team to ensure the finest details are achieved. The stone will be honed to a specific sheen selected by the client to maximise the impact of the material but not to overpower the room.

One of the challenges of working with onyx is also its greatest asset. The transparency of the stone means the choice of adhesive methods and the depth of cut is essential to achieving a high quality finish. With over 26 years of experience working with natural stone, our team is well placed to deliver the desired results on this and similar bespoke projects.

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