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This book introduces a selection of projects that have been completed using
natural stone sourced and installed by Stone Age. It shows how beautifully
stone works in a range of environments and gives an idea of the variety of
stone available.
We import marble, limestone, granite and other stones from a number of
countries and can supply material to your specification, fully detailing its
source and quality. We have access to an unsurpassed range of top quality
material and, if you are looking for something really special, will take you to a
quarry to select the precise piece of stone for your project.
For bespoke stone work we have our own design, fabrication and fitting team
based at our Specialist Workshop in Hertfordshire. With 25 years’ experience
we have an unrivalled appreciation of the material and make it our business
to find the solution you want.
If you are looking for flooring, we can help you choose the best material and
pattern to suit your space, fix the stone to get the best out of it and ensure it
stays as beautiful in the future as when it is installed. We can advise on the
most specialised projects – self-supporting staircases, luxurious bathrooms
or the details like doorframes. We have access to the best suppliers and
craftsmen to meet exact specifications and can manage the work all the way
from the initial selection through to the fixing and finishing.
Stone is one of the most durable natural materials and, if worked and treated
with understanding and respect, will last for centuries. At Stone Age we
are unique in being able to offer stone that is pre-dried and treated before
delivery. This removes the possibility of staining on site and enables faster
completion of the project with simpler access for finishing trades.
We like to share our appreciation of this beautiful natural material and would
welcome you to visit, phone or email us at one of our Showrooms in London,
Bristol or Hertfordshire to discuss any forthcoming projects.
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