Silk Georgette Splendour

Silk Georgette Splendour

The lead designer and client were after a stone which offered a natural warmth, lightened the space but was suitably durable and easy to maintain and manage with the mix of wet and dry spaces in the basement. 

After careful consideration including analysis of light distribution, Silk Georgette with a linear cut was selected as it offered a wood-like warmth for the stairs, walls, floors and coping stones, whilst also being pale and robust enough for the basement space.

A vein-matched Silk Georgette staircase leads down to the space. 

Working with fellow contractors, Guncast Pools, Stone Age cut and installed a PPX Glacier Stone on the main wall by the swimming pool.  This offered texture and worked well alongside the Silk Georgette on the floor, other walls and coping stones.

Both materials were also used in the home spa and bathrooms, delivering a beautifully understated, luxurious space.

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